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Here come near-zero trading fees with BTMT!

BTMT has unlocked its full potential for growth as it is now officially listed as a standalone cryptocurrency on our exchange for purchase and trading.

Starting is really SIMPLE

Buying & Selling Crypto has never been easier. We give you tools to diversify by intuitive, quick, and secure trading of more than 100 cryptocurrencies. Feeling overwhelmed? We will support you like no one else. Literally, our line is available non-stop in a language of your choice.

1. Get verified

Verify your identity in order to secure your account and comply with know-your-customer rules & regulations.

2. Fund your account

Add funds to your account with payment method of your choice and get ready to start trading.

3. Start trading crypto

Yes, it's really this simple - you are all set. Enjoy the vast variety of options for trading and investing.

Why trade with us

Institutional-grade Security
More than 99% of assets stored in cold wallet, Whitelisting and transaction confirmations, and Encrypted personal data to keep your assets safe.
Spot trading
Trade on one of the most versatile spot markets. Enjoy an enhanced trading experience with the All-in-One order book for deeper liquidity, tighter spreads, and a wider variety of pairs.
Unique Futures options
BITmarkets Upgraded Futures are bringing a revolution in Bitcoin futures trading enabling multi-asset margin and settlement. Open unequaled possibilities with your portfolio
100+ cryptocurrencies
Choose from 100+ supported cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ChainLink, Dogecoin, Cardano, and SHIBA INU while always being at the forefront of new coin launches.
24/7 Support
When we say we speak crypto, we mean it. Our support line operates in more than 20 languages non-stop so rest assured we take care of our customers.
Lightning-fast transactions
Forget about missing the right moment for your transaction.We handle over 1 million requests per second so we process your trade the very moment you decide to make it.

New to crypto?

Knowledge is power. We give you the tools to gain more crypto knowledge & trade like a true professional.

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Try to invite your friends and earn together

10% of trading fees of your friends and 5% from the earnings of your friends.