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Whale is a high net worth individual whose trades can create waves in the market. He is a savvy investor with a deep understanding of the market and is not easily bothered by short-term volatility. He accumulates during bear market and distributes slowly in bull market, as his market orders would make small investors panic. Buy low, sell high or in other words buy when there is blood in the streets and sell when the crowd is euphoric are his motto.

Typical character is:
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Favorite coins
Samples of Whale's portfolio
Why is BITmarkets the right choice for Whale type of investors?
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Deep liquidity
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Institutional-grade Security
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Tiered-Rate Account for VIP prices
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99% of funds in cold storages
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Various payment methods
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Lightning-fast transactions
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Professional personal account manager
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Reliable Mobile App
Each investor is unique and BITmarkets was built for you all
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Risk Warning:
Characters and portfolios are fictional. In any case not to be deemed investment advice.