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The Exciting Rewards of the Referral Program

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The Exciting Rewards of the Referral Program

Crypto trading has gone a long way since its humble beginning in March 2010, when now-defunct and little-known platform introduced the first Bitcoin market in which bitcoins can be bought and sold from person to person.

Today, the cryptocurrency industry became congested with market players including cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto data analytical firms, technology service providers and much more; the crypto world has evolved into an ecosystem of its own. As a result, competition sharpened and one way for cryptocurrency exchanges to gain the upper hand is to provide bonus programs to its traders.

This includes registration bonuses, staking rewards and other promotions in the name of attracting more traders. One program which has taken the crypto world by storm is the so-called referral program.

Referral programs, also known as affiliate trading, allows existing platform users to invite their friends to trade on the platform, after which both the referrer and the referee (the referred user) will receive rewards. Different referral programs work differently. Some crypto exchanges offer rewards for deposits, while others for trading activity.

These programs offer rewards with no downside, and the bigger the circle of the referrers, the larger the gains. In the eyes of the trader, a referral program can provide an effortless passive income simply by the activity of those he/she refers. It is noteworthy to mention that referred users on some exchanges can also refer users of their own in order to earn referral rewards themselves from their own circles.

How does the BITmarkets referral program work?

Participating in the BITmarkets referral program unlocks exciting rewards which can grow the portfolios of loyal traders. When you refer a friend, you earn 10% from the trading fees paid by those which you’ve referred, alongside 5% from the earnings of your friends’ referrals. Referred users benefit from a 10% discount on trading fees which will be valid for 30 days.

To join our referral program, all you need to do is create a free account via our website. You can do that by clicking on the “Create account” button, and then filling in your first & last names, email and mobile number, followed by password creation and confirmation. After completing your profile and verifying your account, head to your Referral page to activate your personal referral link which you can then share to others to invite them to trade crypto with BITmarkets.

Explore our referral program page to join our limitless referral program and learn more about its rewards, how it works and frequently asked questions. Before embarking on your crypto trading journey, it’s important to understand the risks behind trading cryptocurrencies. The dynamic crypto market tends to be volatile and it is essential to incorporate risk-mitigating strategies that will safeguard your portfolio.