How do I request FIAT withdrawal?

• You need to transfer your funds to SPOT wallet. Currently, you can only withdraw USD. If you traded in different currency, you must transfer that currency (or crypto) into USD. To be able to withdraw, you will have to have verified bank account with us.

• To withdraw go to SPOT wallet, select FIAT – withdraw to SWIFT and the amount you wish to withdraw. You will receive summary email that needs to be confirmed. Clicking on the confirmation email will let us know that you truly intend to withdraw the funds.

• After email confirmation, your funds will be frozen, and you will not be able to use them. If we have all your details verified, we begin the process of sending your funds to your bank account. Funds will be sent within next 2 business days.

• Fees charged will be based on the withdrawal amount. A rate of 2.5% or a minimum of 100 USD will apply. Bank charges may apply.

Последно обновяване: 03/02/2023

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