Идеи Блог BTMT Price Soars Nearly 400% in Public Sale

BTMT Price Soars Nearly 400% in Public Sale

November 22, 2023 Блог
BITmarkets | BTMT Price Soars Nearly 400% in Public Sale

The platform-native token of the BITmarkets cryptocurrency exchange, BITmarkets Token (BTMT), has surged by nearly 400% since its first offering in the private sale phase in March of 2023.

Investors grew more trusting of BTMT as the token’s value has climbed gradually throughout the private sale and private pre-sale phases up until the current public sale, which began in November of this year.

From its humble yet ambitious launch in March, BTMT has catapulted in price during the past month to value at $0.142 per token at the time of writing.


BITmarkets Token (BTMT) Price Change

BTMT holders are basking in virtual profits, and the early investors are earning the larger gains. Here are the stats as of November, 2023:

- 50% of BTMT holders are earning more than 100% on their investments

- 21% of BTMT holders are earning more than 200% on their investments

- 3% of BTMT holders are earning more than 300% on their investments

There are two main drivers behind the exponential growth of BTMT:

BTMT’s interlinkage with MATIC – the cryptocurrency native to the reputable Polygon network – has played pivotal part in BTMT’s price climb. BTMT’s value has driven upwards as MATIC enjoyed a significant 25% jump in price during the past month.

The price escalation of BTMT is also attributed to the increasingly bullish sentiment in the cryptocurrency market and the contagious optimism of market participants, which has resulted in the rise of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization by 18% during the past month to value at $1.44 trillion.

Cryptocurrencies have regained traction in 2023 amid excitement over the approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) spreading amongst crypto investors, traders and speculators, and the highly-significant Bitcoin halving event is being eyed by market participants.

BTMT is set to enter the public space and be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges in the first quarter of 2024, marking the end of the period where the token can be purchased at discounted prices.

Being a highly-utile digital token which provides heaps of benefits for its holders and users, while also bearing the high potential of value appreciation, BTMT is expected to continue its course of growth.

Capitalize on this exclusive opportunity and purchase BTMT at more attractive prices.

Join the BITmarkets community, learn more about the ins and outs of BTMT by exploring the BTMT hub and read the BTMT litepaper for more details on token rewards, allocation and the token’s envisioned roadmap.

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