Идеи Анализ Bitcoin in Stalemate - What's Next?

Bitcoin in Stalemate - What's Next?

June 26, 2024 Анализ
BITmarkets | Bitcoin in Stalemate - What's Next?

Mildly fluctuating between within its peaks, Bitcoin seems to be in a stalemate for the better of three months. The world's major cryptocurrency sustained growing market selling pressures, and has not subsided below sturdy support levels.

When will Bitcoin set a new all-time high?

Following the 2021 pullback, it took Bitcoin 189 days to reach a new high. This historical detail provides context rather than a predictive blueprint for the current market cycle. It illustrates that even with a minor pullback, the market may take a similar duration to recover fully.

If Bitcoin follows this pattern without setting new highs, we might expect a breakout around mid-September 2024.

The 2024 pullback has seen a decline of 23%, which is significantly less than the 50% witnessed in 2021. This reduction in the magnitude of the pullback suggests an increasing resilience in Bitcoin's market and points to its potential for higher future valuations.

Weekly time frame analysis


BTCUSD - 1 Week Time Frame

Examining the weekly chart reveals that Bitcoin responded well to the Fibonacci 0.5 wick candle level over a three-month period. However, despite this positive reaction, the price failed to surpass previous highs, leading to an accumulation of sell orders.

Currently, the price has rebounded from a support zone known as the Fair Value Gap, highlighted in blue on the chart. This zone previously triggered a short-term bullish reaction and has now accumulated buy orders from traders who anticipated an earlier market entry.

A key scenario to monitor is whether the price can exceed the External Sell-Side Liquidity (ESSL) without closing the weekly candle's body below the support zone's lower boundary.

Traders looking to capitalize on this dynamic should watch for the creation of an Inversion Fair Value Gap (IFVG), where a resistance zone transforms into support on one of the shorter timeframes.

This scenario suggests a strategic entry point for buyers aiming to leverage potential upward movements stemming from these technical indicators.

Strategic considerations

Traders and investors should keep an eye on these technical levels and market reactions. Understanding the historical context, while not predictive, helps set expectations for the pace of recovery or breakout.

Monitoring the weekly close relative to the Fair Value Gap and any potential shift in market sentiment at key Fibonacci levels can provide actionable insights for market entry or exit, optimizing investment strategies in a fluctuating market.

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