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BTMT - What's in It for Me?

October 27, 2023 Blog
BITmarkets | BTMT - What's in It for Me?

“Crypto made simple” is more than a slogan. It represents our ongoing commitment towards simplifying crypto for our community, and BITmarkets is immensely proud to announce the launch of the public sale of our very own platform-native utility token, BITmarkets Token, or BTMT in short.

This marks a commemorable milestone which goes in line with our vision towards enhancing the crypto trading experience.

Explore the contents of this blog to learn more about BTMT, the exclusive benefits for token holders and the added value for token investors not only regarding potential long-term profits, but also in the name of a better tomorrow.

A BIT about BTMT

In response to growing demand, BITmarkets created BTMT as an ERC20 token and launched it on the Polygon network with an initial supply of 300 million tokens. 60 million of those, which represent a fifth of the total token supply, are allocated towards the public sale phase.

BITmarkets CEO Peter Sumer has shed light on why BTMT is expected to rise in value:

“With the built-in deflationary mechanism, the final supply of the token shall be reduced to 200 million. The burning process will make the price increasingly attractive. From the presale, the value of the tokens will rise until the eventual listing, which we expect to occur next year.”

“We plan to use most of the funds raised from token sales for further growth, platform optimization, marketing and acquisitions,” explained Peter Sumer on how token sales are intended to be utilized within the company.

Benefits of Buying & Holding BTMT

BTMT token buyers and holders unlock a plethora of unique features within cryptocurrency trading and beyond.

BTMT holders enjoy discounted fees on crypto trading, gain access to VIP support tailored to specific needs, and can take part in supporting socially-conscious projects and initiatives which follow strict ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria.

While BTMT does provide users with benefits, BITmarkets’ ultimate ambition is to utilize the token towards the growth of our crypto exchange, trading platform optimization, marketing and acquisitions.

Hence, BTMT token holders can benefit from the growth of the token value as BITmarkets continues to flourish.

How to Buy BTMT?

Purchasing BTMT is a quick & easy process. If you’re new, join the BITmarkets community as a first step on, and existing traders can contact their account manager to move forward!

Before going ahead with any token purchase, learn more about the ins and outs of BTMT by exploring the BTMT hub and reading the BTMT litepaper for more details on token rewards, allocation and the token’s envisioned roadmap.


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