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BITmarkets Lowers Crypto Trading Fees

November 3, 2023 Blog
BITmarkets | BITmarkets Lowers Crypto Trading Fees

When one decides to embark on the cryptocurrency journey, several things are typically taken into consideration before going ahead with that first trade, investment or leap of faith.

What to trade? When to buy and sell? Many questions will arise, and one important one would be how to trade. Cryptocurrencies are bought and sold via cryptocurrency exchanges, and one thing which sets a crypto exchange from another would be its trading fees.

As part of our ongoing determination towards making cryptocurrency trading simple, accessible, secure and affordable for traders and investors, BITmarkets has significantly lowered its cryptocurrency trading fees for spot trading, futures trading and margin trading.

Our trading fees have been slashed by up to 68% to as low as 0.01% for our VIP traders.

Being recognized as a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange which enjoyed rapid global expansion since being launched in early 2022, BITmarkets has attained multiple awards for its outstanding customer service, commendable educational efforts and top-tier levels of security and trust.

It’s no surprise that the most influential cryptocurrency exchanges are those which provide a seamless, secure and cost-effective cryptocurrency trading experience. Not only does this entail the uniqueness and efficacy of the products and services provided, but also the ultimate user experience and satisfaction.

Hence, moving forward, BITmarkets decided to lower its cryptocurrency trading fees to further-improve the crypto trading experience for our community of traders. It’s simple; lower trading fees = more affordable trading.

The fee reductions will apply to active traders who meet certain requirements, in light of buying & holding our platform-native token, BITmarkets Token, or BTMT in short.

Learn more about our new tiered discounts of trading fees to understand how BITmarkets calculates trading fees and the conditions which should be met in order to activate industry-low cryptocurrency trading fees.

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