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December 2023


1.1. This Bonus Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made and entered into by and between:

a) UAB BITmarkets, a private limited liability company with registration number: 306062346 and with registered address at Architektu g. 56-101, Vilnius, Lithuania acting through its partner Unicorn Technologies Limited., a limited liability company with registration number: 111776, with registered address at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake

Island, MH96960, Majuro, Marshall Islands (the “Company”), on the one part. AND

b) Any person, which may be either a legal entity or a natural person who has been accepted by the Company as a Client (the “Client”), on the other part.

1.2. By accepting to abide the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, the Client hereby agrees to be bound by the provisions as outlined herein.


2.1. If a Client deposits 500 USD (“Bonus”) (or any other currency with equivalent amount to USD) or more to the margin account, he/she is entitled to receive 50% bonus on the

first deposit.

2.2. The Bonus shall be redeemable exclusively through the utilization of a dedicated and confidential promotional code “XMAS” (hereinafter referred to as the "Promo Code")

issued by the Company.

2.3. 50% Bonus applies only on the first deposit.


3.1. Regular Withdrawal: to withdraw the Bonus, the Required Traded Volume calculated as the Bonus multiplied by 1,500 must be traded.

3.2. Irregular Withdrawals: the Client is always able to withdraw his/her own funds, even prior to reaching the Required Traded Volume. However, no proportionate withdrawal of Bonus is allowed. It should be noted that the amount of an Irregular Withdrawal calculation reflects the Client’s trading achievement whereby all profits and losses

generated using his/her own funds are allocated to the Client.

3.3. Furthermore, any withdrawal from the Trading Account before the Required Traded Volume is reached, will cancel the Bonus entirely. If the Client has Open Positions and in the event that any losses incurred as a result of such cancelation of the Bonus, the Company shall not be held liable.

3.4. Once the Client completes the Required Traded Volume, the Client will need to send an email to [email protected] requesting the Bonus to be released for the withdrawal.

3.5. The Bonus amount that has been removed cannot be reclaimed by the Client by making subsequent deposits into the Trading Account.

3.6. The Company reserves the right to delay the processing of the Client’s withdrawal request until all Open Positions are closed. Thus, the Client must ensure that all Open Positions are closed/settled prior to submitting the withdrawal request.


4.1. If the Company suspects that the Client has abused or attempted to abuse the Terms and Conditions contained herein, or otherwise acted in a bad faith towards the

Company, then the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw from that Client the Bonus and, if necessary, block and/or terminate the Client’s access to the Trading Account.

4.2. In such cases, the Company will not be liable for any other consequences that result from the Bonus cancellation and/or removal. If the Client has Open Positions and, in the event, that any losses incurred as a result of such cancelation of the Bonus the Company will not be held liable.

4.3. The decision whether the Client is abusing and/or manipulating the Company’s trading

platform and/or its Bonus is at the Company’s sole and exclusive discretion.

4.4. The Company reserves the right to revoke or change the Bonus at any time. In such cases the Company may at its sole and absolute discretion give the Client the option to

either continue using the Bonus already provided, accept the new Terms and Conditions of Bonus, or to cancel the Bonus without any cost and without being considered that the Bonus conditions have not been fulfilled.

4.5. If the Company has reason(s) to believe that the Client has more than one Trading Account which utilised the Bonus, then the Company reserves the right, without the Client’s consent to withdraw immediately the Bonus from the Client’s Trading

Account(s). In the event that any losses incurred as a result of such a removal, the Company will not be held liable.

4.6. The Company does not recommend taking the Bonus unless the Client knows how to make it work in his/her advantage.


5.1. Internal funds transferred between the Trading Accounts within the Company are considered as withdrawals, therefore the Bonus removal will be applied in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as set out herein.

5.2. If the Required Traded Volume is not met and the Equity (displayed in the platform) of the Trading Account goes below the Bonus amount (displayed in the platform), then

the Bonus is removed automatically by the system.

In other words, if the Cash Equity (Equity – Active Bonus) becomes zero or less, all Bonuses will be cancelled and removed from the respective Trading Account. In these

circumstances, the Company shall not be liable for any consequences of the Bonus cancelation, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.

For Example:

- The Client has deposited USD 10,000;

- As a result, the Client received the Bonus USD 5,000;

- The Balance of the Client’s Trading Account available for trading is USD 15,000.

- If the Equity will fall under USD 10,000, the Bonus will be removed automatically.

5.3. Persons under the age of eighteen (18), or below the legally competent age in their country of residence (minors), are not permitted to participate in Bonus offers.

5.4. The maximum Bonus that can be claimed is USD 5.000 (or any other currency equivalent), per Client.

5.5. The Client hereby irrevocably agrees that once the Bonus is granted, the margin requirements may be adjusted at the sole discretion of the Company in order to protect

the Client’s interest and his/her investment.


6.1. The Client understands that the Bonus gives him/her increased value and extra trading leverage. Having said that a caution must be exercised at all times when using the

Bonus. By using the Bonus higher trades may be closed thus more money can be made, however the Client may also lose all of his/her invested funds.

6.2. The Client hereby acknowledges that he/she is aware that risk of loss in trading or holding crypto currencies can be substantial. As with any asset, the value of crypto-

currencies can go up or down and there can be a substantial risk that you lose money buying, selling, or holding, crypto-currencies. You should carefully consider whether trading or holding crypto currencies is suitable for you in light of your financial condition as it is possible for Clients to lose all their invested capital. These products may not be suitable for everyone, and Clients should ensure that they understand the

risks involved. Electing to utilize the Bonus may increase the risk of losing all assets. Clients should seek an independent advice, if necessary.


7.1. The above Bonus is subject to the Company’s Terms of Business available on the Company’s website which may be amended from time to time.

7.2. Once the Client read, understood, and agreed to the Agreement, the Client can apply to participate in the Bonus by sending an email to [email protected].

7.4. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Marshall Islands. The Client irrevocably agrees for Company’s exclusive benefit that the

courts of Marshall Islands which has an exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with this Agreement and that accordingly any proceedings may be brought in such courts.

7.4. In case of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Agreement, or any other communications forming part of this Agreement in any other

language the meaning of the English language version shall prevail.


Active Bonus – refers to total Bonus awarded through all Bonus programs run by Company– Removed Bonus = The Active Bonus, where Removed Bonus equals all bonuses removedaccording to paragraphs 3.3, 4.1, 4.5, 5.1, 5.2 herein.

Balance – shall mean the funds available in a Trading Account that may be used for trading in financial instruments.

Bonus – a Bonus is an added value that complements the Client’s deposit in his/her Trading Account and it provides the Client with higher leverage to use when he/she is trading.

Cash Equity – shall mean Equity minus the Active Bonus.

Equity – shall mean the Balance plus or minus any profit or loss that derives from any Open Positions.

Open Position – shall mean any Long Position or Short Position which is not a completed transaction.

Required Traded Volume – is the volume required for withdrawal of Bonus.

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