Tin tức Blog BITmarkets Sets the Stage for the BTMT Public Sale

BITmarkets Sets the Stage for the BTMT Public Sale

October 11, 2023 Blog
BITmarkets | BITmarkets Sets the Stage for the BTMT Public Sale

BITmarkets has returned to Croatia in style on October 11th of 2023, hosting a seminar which explored the phenomenon of tokenization on a global scale. During the event, BITmarkets CEO Peter Sumer shed light on the upcoming public sale of the cryptocurrency’s platform-native utility token, BITmarkets Token, or BTMT in short.


Currently in its pre-sale phase, BTMT is available for purchase for registered users at a more attractive price, and the public sale of the token shall commence on November 1st of 2023. BTMT holders benefit from cryptocurrency trading benefits, such as discounted transaction fees, alongside other advantages including exclusive support and advice from a dedicated team of experts.


Not just that, but purchasing BTMT contributes to ESG projects and token holders can vote on the ESG projects in which BITmarkets will contribute to.

“By mid-June, we had made over a million dollars’ worth of private sales of BTMT. Currently, we are still in the presale phase, which means that our clients have the opportunity to buy the token at the most attractive price before it goes public,” said Peter Sumer before the seminar began.


The CEO also added:

“The maximum number of BTMT tokens is 300 million. However, the supply will gradually decrease over time through a burning process that will make the price increasingly attractive. From the presale, the value of the tokens will rise until the eventual listing, which we expect to occur next year. We plan to use most of the funds raised from token sales for further growth, platform optimization, marketing and acquisitions.”


The seminar also covered broader issues of the impact of fintech, decentralized finance, and blockchain technologies on the current financial system.

“Along with digital assets comes blockchain technology, which has been used for years in various industries as the most efficient database for logistics or data processing."


"There are many cryptocurrencies with different blockchain technologies and the most impactful pacesetters in this area will definitely change the way the financial industry operates and will take fintech along with artificial intelligence to a level that is automated and decentralized, providing more transparency which is currently lacking in the financial world,” commented Peter Sumer on the vision of further development.

Check out our short wrap-up of the event and watch the full event recording to learn more about the exclusive benefits of buying BTMT.

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