News Analysis Blockchain-based Gaming Will Accelerate Crypto Adoption

Blockchain-based Gaming Will Accelerate Crypto Adoption

May 25, 2023 Analysis
BITmarkets | Blockchain-based Gaming Will Accelerate Crypto Adoption

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal says that games will play an important role in the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Video games represent a huge opportunity for applying alternative payment to mainstream use, which will be helped by Web3 and scaling adopted from Ethereum.

It was Web3 that received $2 billion in funding last year, and the games coming out in the next six to 18 months will serve as the foundation for the next vision in the cryptocurrency world. The funding was secured by Polygon in partnership with Immutable X, and Nailwal sees optimism for success in this investment as it will increase the speed and efficiency of gaming blockchains.

He acknowledged the speculative aspect that cryptocurrencies bring with them, which can be both positive and negative for the crypto world. It is speculation that has the potential to attract talented individuals, but an excessive number of them can also have an unfavourable impact on the overall platform, such as the gold rush or dot-com boom.

Decentralisation and its development outside of the major cryptocurrencies will be important in this regard, and its importance will have a place in creating a stable backdrop. Polygon, a multi blockchain ecosystem with two live public blockchains, will be working on major releases and have thousands of validators in the near future.


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