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BITmarkets Tutorial | How To Register?

BITmarkets | BITmarkets Tutorial | How To Register?

Setting up an account at BITmarkets is free, fast and easy. Here are the registration steps:

1. Click on the Create Account or Register button.

2. Fill in your first name, last name and email address.

3. Create a unique password of at least 8 characters.

4. Enter your phone number.

5. If you have a promo code, click on I have a promo code and enter your code in the field that appears below.

6. Lastly, read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and if you agree, tick the box and click on the Create account button.


You are now a member of the growing BITmarkets community. After successful registration, all that’s left is the account verification. Head over to your email inbox and click on the activation link sent to your email, and you’re all set!

To start trading, visit your personalized trader zone and complete your profile. If you have any questions, queries or concerns, visit the Support Desk or contact our support team at any time.

Thank you for choosing BITmarkets, and good luck!