Education Trading tutorials BITmarkets Tutorial | How to Purchase BTMT

BITmarkets Tutorial | How to Purchase BTMT

BITmarkets | BITmarkets Tutorial | How to Purchase BTMT

BITmarkets Token, or BTMT, is the platform-native token of the BITmarkets cryptocurrency exchange.

BTMT aims to enhance the crypto trading experience of traders, by granting governance to BITmarkets community members in future projects & initiatives, minimizing trading fees, among many other perks.

To purchase BTMT, follow these simple steps:

1 - Login to your BITmarkets account

2 - Head over to the myZone portal

3 - Visit your Spot Wallet under the My wallets tab

4 - Find "BITmarkets Token" and click on the Convert button

5 - Choose the cryptocurrency or fiat you wish to exchange for BTMT

6 - Input the amount you wish to be exchanged, and click Convert Now button

You may also trade BTMT to capitalize on the token's price fluctuations:

1 - Click on Spot trading under the Trade tab

2 - Find the coin bar, and search for BTMT

3 - Select the trading pair you wish to trade from the available options

4 - To simply buy or sell BTMT at the current market price, toggle the Market order option

5 - Decide on the amount of BTMT you wish to trade, or the equivalent value in the currency used to trade BTMT, and initiate the order.

BTMT comes packed with exclusive benefits, and you can unlock the token's full potential by participating in our Earn program, which rewards users who purchase and lock up BTMT with interest over time.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, you may contact our support team at any time.

Thank you for choosing BITmarkets.