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BITmarkets Tutorial | Crypto Spot Trading

BITmarkets | BITmarkets Tutorial | Crypto Spot Trading

At BITmarkets, you can engage in versatile crypto spot, futures and margin trading in over 130 cryptocurrencies.

Crypto spot trading involves buying and selling crypto at the current market price or in other words, on the spot.

Here are the quick & easy steps on how to engage in crypto spot trading on BITmarkets:

1. Log in to your BITmarkets account, and head over to your myZone portal.

2. Next, select Spot from the market tabs located on the menu above.

3. Hover your mouse over the symbol selection menu & select the cryptocurrency pair you would like to trade.

4. Choose between a Buy or Sell order, and select the order type.

- Pending Orders, which include Limit, Stop and Take Profit are orders set to be executed sometime in the future based on a pre-selected price level.

- Market Orders are executed immediately at the current market price of the crypto asset.

5. Enter the order size relative to the cryptocurrency on the left side of the trading pair, also known as the base currency.

- If you would like to quickly allocate a larger portion of your funds towards the trade, you can select between allocating 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of your wallet holdings.

6. Review the trade value relative to the currency on the right side of the trading pair, also known as the quote currency, and click on the button below to confirm the order.

- If your order has not been filled, check if the funds in your wallet are sufficient to initiate the trading order.

7. Check out the status of your order by scrolling down to view your order fills, which includes data including the order date, type, price, size and value.

8. Visit your spot wallet to view your cryptocurrency holdings. The profits or losses realized from all your crypto spot market trades will be applied to your spot wallet balance.

Take advantage of our All-in-one order book where all orders are collected & matched, promising deeper liquidity, fairer pricing and larger variety.

Before you start crypto spot trading on BITmarkets, it is always recommended to be informed of the risks involved in cryptocurrency trading. Learn more from our tutorial on crypto spot trading and how the right trading strategy can help create long-term wealth.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns, visit the Support Desk or contact our support team at any time.

Thank you for choosing BITmarkets, and good luck!