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Coin Glossary

Crypto world has its own language. Here are the most common expressions explained.

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Attack 51%

If more than half of computer power or mining hash rate on a network is run by a single person or a single group of people, then a 51% attack is in operation.

Adoption curve

Adoption curve indicates the pace of adoption of a new technology by people. It may also involve segregation of the target audience to understand the market’s willingness.


Algorithm is a process or set of rules to be followed in problem-solving or calculation operations, usually used by a computer.


Algorithmic trading is an automated trading system where buy and sell orders are placed according to the rules of a computer program or algorithm.

Air Gap

Air Gap is a security measure, in which computer, computer systems or networks are not connected in any way to any other device or network. It ensures total isolation of a given system – electromagnetically, physically and electronically.


AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard”, which is a popular term in IT world (gamers etc.). It is used to recognize someone as not available or not present.

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