Restricted Jurisdictions

  1. BITmarkets does not onboard or provide services to personal accounts of current residents of restricted jurisdictions or corporate accounts of entities established in restricted jurisdictions as listed below.

  2. The restricted jurisdictions may include the Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Belarus, Bolivia (Pluractional State of), Central African Republic (the), China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Guam, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Iraq, Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of), Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Palestine, State of, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan (the), Syrian Arab Republic, Tanzania, United Kingdom, United States of America, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Virgin Islands (U.S.), Western Sahara, Yemen. Please note the list may be amended from time to time.

  3. BITmarkets does not onboard or provide services to any sanctioned individuals or entities. 



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