Идеи Анализ Don't Miss Out on FLOKI Gains!

Don't Miss Out on FLOKI Gains!

May 17, 2024 Анализ
BITmarkets | Don't Miss Out on FLOKI Gains!

In a matter of less than six months, FLOKI has risen more than 450% in value and the memecoin rising star has been exhibiting bullish price behaviors since mid-April of this year, following its spectacular rise in March.

Taking little time to consolidate, FLOKI has recently achieved a higher high and established bullish parameters that may suggest a continuation of the current trend. However, there are several factors that could trigger a bearish correction and potentially disrupt this impulsive move.

Key focus areas


FLOKIUSDT - 4 Hour Time Frame

On the four-hour timeframe, there is a clear break of structures that have defined a local Low and a subsequent SUBLow in the market. Identifying these points is crucial for setting the boundaries of bull and bear market contexts.

Under current conditions, FLOKI is considered bullish until the price closes below the local low on the 4h timeframe (indicated by the blue horizontal line on the chart).

It's key to identify fundamental Fair Value Gaps (FVG) in order to gain a clearer perspective on FLOKI's price activity. Upon observation, there are currently three unbalanced Buy-side Imbalance Sell-side Inefficiency zones at the 4h level, with the lowest of these zones aligning with the SUBLow and therefore indicative of Sell-side Liquidity.

Based on this analysis, the price could fall below or close below the SUBLow, and the market could still maintain its bullish stance provided the lowest positioned FVG remains open.

When to buy FLOKI?

An Inversion Fair Value Gap (IFVG), marked by the orange rectangle on the 4-hour chart, has been identified following the selection of Internal Sell-side Liquidity (SSL).

It is apparent that current price levels are favorable for buy positions, but perhaps with a a reduced volume due to the price still being in a Premium zone.


FLOKIUSDT - 1 Day Time Frame

Investors and traders who prefer buying in Discount Zones may wait for a corrective move into one of the three identified FVGs. They should only initiate buy orders there after specific entry criteria have been met, such as the selection of internal liquidity followed by an IFVG.

The objectives for both types of trades are to target the Buy-side Liquidity (BSL) area from a daily timeframe perspective. This strategic approach ensures that trades are aligned with broader market liquidity trends and price movements.

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