Идеи Анализ Bullish Celestia is Rising in 2024

Bullish Celestia is Rising in 2024

January 24, 2024 Анализ
BITmarkets | Bullish Celestia is Rising in 2024

The Celestia (TIA) cryptocurrency has enjoyed tremendous growth during the past 6 months, and has maintained its bullish market structure despite recently witnessing a price correction. Is there more growth to come for TIA after jumping by 15% during the past month?

4-hour time frame


TIAUSD - 4 Hour Time Frame

The short-term decline caused a Sell-side Liquidity selection, which indicates the potential for price growth. TIA’s price behavior respected the Fibonacci level of 0.21 and subsequently formed a strong bullish candle, which also situates with the Buy-side Imbalance, Sell-side Inefficiency (BISI).

Any potential buy orders placed within the BISI area should not fall below the local low of $14, yet a deeper correction on the daily time frame might occur.

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