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SushiSwap has grown to become one of the world's largest decentralized exchanges in less than a year, but it has also sparked some controversy.

Sushi coin is associated with SushiSwap. The decentralized exchange is similar to a traditional currency exchange, except that it allows individuals to trade cryptocurrency using the Ethereum blockchain and a smart contract (a computer software that automatically performs sales and other agreements when the necessary circumstances are fulfilled).

History of the exchange

SushiSwap was founded in 2020 by an unidentified man known as Chef Nomi. Users tie up their assets in smart contracts to form liquidity pools in order to fund the exchange. Traders may then buy and sell on the DEX by swapping their tokens and currencies in and out of the liquidity pool. If a pool does not already exist, users can start one and set their own exchange rates, however this can be changed later. If you trade against a locked-in asset, you must pay a charge, which is divided among all donors to the liquidity pool depending on how much each individual contributor has put in.

There are additional incentives for those who contribute to the creation of liquidity pools. They get protocol fees as well as a portion of the daily supply of 100 Sushi coins. Users may, in principle, withdraw their money as well as the 'harvest,' or Sushi, that they have earned at any time. Contributors who wish to earn more Sushi than their harvest share pays them may download the SushiBar app, which allows them to stake their Sushi to gain the xSushi token, which is made up of Sushi purchased on the open market plus a fraction of the fees collected by the SushiSwap exchange.

SUSHI coin

Sushi coin is the SushiSwap exchange's native token. If you want to acquire Sushi, you may do it through a variety of standard and decentralized exchanges. Sushi coin gives you the ability to vote on SushiSwap governance choices. You can vote on recommendations that aim to enhance the operation of the exchange and its ecosystem. Anyone may submit a proposal for a vote, but there is one critical condition. While everybody who has Sushi coin has the right to vote, the votes are advisory rather than binding. This means that the decisions taken by the electorate must be approved by those elected by coin holders.

SushiSwap's goal is to achieve "decentralized autonomous organization" (DAO) status, which implies that votes will be binding, and changes will be made exclusively through smart contracts and automated software. SushiSwap may raise concerns because it does not appear to undertake Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. While this may appear to be good news at first look (it implies you may check in and go), it may also raise red flags. Because there is no KYC system, it may be easy for fraudsters and money launderers to utilize SushiSwap.

Maximum supply

Sushi coin has the maximum possible supply set to 250 million coins. So far around 127 million coins have been minted, meaning there is still possible to mine additional 123 million coins.

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