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Gala Games describes itself as a blockchain gaming ecosystem with the goal of developing blockchain games you'll really want to play. Gala Games, as a platform, provides a variety of games to players based on the Gala Network, which uses its native token to identify in-game assets that players possess. Through the game's non-fungible tokens, players may purchase and sell assets and earn money (NFTs). Gala Games aims to differentiate itself by offering users more control over their in-game goods, which may cost hundreds of dollars.

Eric Schiermeyer, a gaming and blockchain industry pioneer and co-founder of Zynga, a prominent mobile and social media gaming firm, launched the blockchain start-up. Schiermeyer was a proponent of mass-appealing casual games, which led to the creation of popular hits such as Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars, and FarmVille. Schiermeyer established Gala Games in July 2019 after establishing a reputation for working on cutting-edge projects. His goal was to build a gaming network that provides players control over their games. The Gala Games team has over 65 people as of 2020 and has developed one playable game named Town Star as well as an NFT collectable series called VOX. Mirandus and Fortified are two other games under development by the studio. Other, similar projects, includes an RPG game, a sci-fi game and a tower defence type of game.

How it works

The Gala Games ecosystem is protected by network nodes, which must be operational for at least 6 hours every day in order to qualify for GALA token pay-outs. As each node contributes to hosting games, these benefits help to sustain and build the network. Users must download and install the node software, which may be purchased through a Gala Games account, to be eligible to [JB1] to participate in the ecosystem. The network nodes eventually become non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be traded on OpenSea and other NFT markets. Node owners enjoy a variety of benefits and prizes, including:

-        Random NFT drops

-        Daily GALA tokens

-        Voting rights, which can influence the development of the game

-        Coins to spend in game

Players may own the NFTs created and influence game governance inside the Gala Games ecosystem.

GALA token

GALA is the platform's utility token, which is required to buy in-game stuff and may also be earned by operating a node. Apart from game specific NFTs, the Gala Games utility token enables users to manufacture and distribute one-of-a-kind things with assured authenticity. The token may be obtained in-game or purchased, exchanged, and sold for NFTs. GALA tokenomics creates an economy in which money is redistributed but game ownership remains in the public domain.

GALA tokens can be used in four ways:

-        Playing video games

-        Introducing new users (earning coins through affiliation)

-        Having a node

-        Purchasing and selling on an exchange

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