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Certik is a blockchain-focused firm that uses artificial intelligence to monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. Experts have stressed the need of improving security, making it critical to identify technologies capable of assisting networks in remaining optimal and safe. It is acceptable to say that the technology's developers want to protect cyberspace. CTK may be utilized for a multitude of purposes, including smart contract gas, staking for PoS consensus, prizes for participating in the Security Oracle network, collateral and reimbursements through CertiKShield, and voting by decentralized governance.

Certik chain is a blockchain that uses proof-of-stake to ensure the execution of applications such as NFTs and DeFi. Certik launched the network in 2019 in response to blockchain news. It uses the fundamental verification platform at its heart to improve the security of smart contracts. The technology's developers noted that by prioritizing security, they expect to maximize the potential of complex computer systems. It has opted to focus on security in order to shift the narrative.


Certik is a business created in 2018 by Yale and Columbia University academics. It primarily focuses on system security by utilizing verification technologies to examine smart contracts and other blockchain protocols. Furthermore, the technology has risen in popularity among developers, making it one of the most trusted security-focused firms. Binance Labs and NEO Global Capital are among the startup's well-known investors. Certik's major purpose is to provide openness and security, particularly in blockchain-related topics.

Certik is concentrating on blockchains, but it intends to broaden and give useful services to other sectors of the cyber world in the future. Certik is already a frontrunner among startups in providing security services to organizations who want assistance in this field. It claims of being one of the most renowned security companies in America, with close to 2,000 clients and assets worth billions of dollars secured. This procedure has fixed hundreds of vulnerabilities that may have resulted in asset loss.

How does it work

Certik promises to prioritize security throughout the transaction. Certik Virtual Machine is a significant tool for protocol verification since it validates the correctness of the program's implementation. This ensures that no problems are introduced throughout the implementation, which improves functionality and performance. Additionally, programmers may use DeepSea software to develop a smart contract. DeepSea, according to experts, ensures a greater level of security since security is proven within the system. Components of its chain are divided to three groups:

Business chain is the targeted network in need of the services. The security oracle interface is a tool for testing and analysing DeFi applications.

Certik chain manages and handles security-related parts of the business chain. The oracle combinator is a fundamental type of combinator. It can separate the bad from the good, assuring security.

Cross-chain is there to connect well with networks outside the chain to provide maximum security. For decentralization, the community will build and manage cross-chain capabilities.

Total supply and circulation

Their coin is called Shentu and has almost 85 million coins in circulation. The total supply is at 105,635,269 coins, while maximum supply is not known at this moment.

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